A pendulum of conscious eating habits, Entering the FoodVersity, you never remain clueless. You stay within the pyramid of varieties, ingredients so fresh and fine, you keep smiling while you eat it. And when someone asks what’s your new way of being?

A culture of being aware of what’s healthy and prosperous and taking along the contemporaries towards the new of being.


The Man behind it all: Mr. Rajkanwar Singh

A former International Tennis player and a culinary graduate from IHM Aurangabad , Mr. Singh has worked with 5-star hotels in India and abroad and also is a food consultant to many retail food product companies and restaurants. As a frequent traveler, he realized that there was a lack of healthy and nutritious eating places in India and at the same time, healthy food was considered to be super boring. He decided to fill this huge gap in the restaurant industry and thus, Aja was born. According to him, “At Aja, we tried to create an International experience which would appeal to all genres who enjoy eating out. We offer highest quality of food that any parent would be happy to feed their children”