Our Story


In African mythology Aja is a spirit of herbal healing. Aja with her mystic winds purifies the physical and mental state of being. At Aja, we have designed a cuisine that keeps the authenticity of the world street food flavors at its core. Purity of herbal flavors in the recipes, earthly organic basics in the kitchen & nutritious along with being scrumptious as the only outcome. We have wandered the streets of the world and crafted dishes with surprising variations keeping in mind the sights of African meals, smells of European kitchens, sounds of Asian stalls & the taste of the Americas. We proudly bring to you an evolved, innovative world cuisine in the quick & healthy fashion.


The Man behind it all: Mr. Rajkanwar Singh

A former International Tennis player and a culinary graduate from IHM Aurangabad , Mr. Singh has worked with 5-star hotels in India and abroad and also is a food consultant to many retail food product companies and restaurants. As a frequent traveler, he realized that there was a lack of healthy and nutritious eating places in India and at the same time, healthy food was considered to be super boring. He decided to fill this huge gap in the restaurant industry and thus, Aja was born. According to him, "At Aja, we tried to create an International experience which would appeal to all genres who enjoy eating out. We offer highest quality of food that any parent would be happy to feed their children”