Catering & Corporate Packaging

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Hospitality is probably the most diverse but specialised industry in the world. Our catering service activities work together to meet and exceed the customer perception of value for their hard earned money. We at AJA FRESH undertake outdoor catering for parties and specialise in packed Food for MNCs, Public sector and Private sector corporate offices within Tricity.

Good Health served on a Platter!

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Coming to the food, Aja’s USP and major crowd puller is its finger-licking food. Its expert chefs revamp our favorite street food classics into healthy and gourmet food that is drool-worthy. Fresh and organic ingredients are used to curate some of the most delicious and delectable delicacies that would make even the hardcore junk foodies dribble. Whether you are vegetarian or a meat lover or vegan or lactose intolerant, Aja has something for each of you and once you’re in, you won't feel like leaving. Their food menu is really versatile and offers a huge variety of nutritious options.